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Trying to plan a Summer Vacation...a Weekend Getaway....a Family Reunion...a Cruise...

a Honeymoon....a Destination Wedding....Vow Renewal...anything from a short trip to a worldwide adventure?

The Internet is a great place to do some research, but can you trust "what you see is what you get" when it is time to put your money on the line?

Whether you work with us or another Travel Agency, find someone you can build a relationship with.  At Land or Sea Travels, we learn your travel style and with our years of  with their to the best value to fulfill your Travel Dreams! 



We learn your travel style

We know the product

We do the research
We have the insider info



Time is money - Save yours!

We know the best value

We assure your travel plan is

the best for your money




We take care of the details

From concept to design

Leaving making the

memories to you!


Ready to let a Travel Pro custom design your trip?

It's easy to get started!

Travel isn't a one size fits all!

We schedule a conversation, in person, or virtual, to gather info on your likes, dislikes, past experiences and travel dreams.

It is also important for you to know us, like us and develop trust in us.

Tailor Made Itinerary for YOU!

We gather all your info, check all resources and present an itinerary. 

At times, we will send some ideas via email but at final plan, we prefer to meet (live or virutal) and go over all details

Pack Your Bags!

From start to finish, Land Or Sea Travels team is available for you!  You not only will have all documents, printed or on our handy mobile app, but you will have access to us at any time! Rest Easy and Enjoy!

Professional and Knowledgeable

Friendly and Personable Service

Land or Sea Travels


Kathy Kelly Nesbitt



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